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By clicking “submit” you agree that if you enter into a contract with Clearent, LLC and accept the $250 credit statement in connection with this promotion, you agree to the terms and conditions of such promotion, including that if you do not process $250 or if you terminate your agreement with Clearent, LLC, in each case, within three (3) months of the execution thereof, Clearent, LLC is entitled to reverse such statement credit and charge your account for such amount.

Payment Acceptance Simplified

For a limited time, earn a $250 bonus credit when you sign a contract and process at least $250 within 3-months.

Clearent’s secure payment processing solutions have been fully integrated with Hike’s software so you can efficiently manage your business and easily accept payments at an affordable rate.

Affordable processing

As a full-service processor, Clearent can meet or beat your current rates, so your business can transact affordably.

Streamlined operations

Now that Clearent and Hike are connected, you’ll never have to enter a transaction twice - eliminating manual entry errors.

Expert Support

Support teams are available around the clock, so you can keep things running smoothly no matter what.

Transparent Reporting

Through its powerful online tool, Clearent helps you break down all processing fees so you can see exactly what was charged.