See How Much You Can Save


Simply & Affordably
Accept Payments

We’re excited to announce that Clearent and SelbySoft have joined forces to make your payment process even more simple and secure. Through this powerful Clearent supported integration, you’ll gain everything you need to accept and manage credit or debit card payments efficiently from one single-source solution.


Additional Benefits to Love


Save Money on Processing

Clearent’s meet or beat pricing ensures that you qualify for the lowest processing rate. Next day funding capabilities allow you access your earnings in two business days.


Save Time with Streamlined Processes

Now that Clearent and SelbySoft are connected, you never have to enter a transaction twice - reducing errors.


Gain Financial Transparency

Through a powerful online tool, Clearent helps you break down all processing fees allowing you to gain complete financial transparency.


Get Better Support

Dedicated payment experts are available to support your integration end-to-end, so you can keep things running smoothly.


Protect Transactions with Top-Notch Security

Features like point-to-point encryption, cloud-EMV, and tokenization, protect cardholders against fraud, so you can rest assured that your most sensitive data is secure