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Payments made easy

For a limited time, you can earn a $600 bonus credit by signing a contract and processing at least $1,000.

We know how important it is for you to operate with efficiency. That’s why VinNOW has joined forces with Clearent to bring integrated payment processing to the software you love.

Accept Payments in the Vineyard

If you need to accept payments in a tasting room, vineyard or festival look no further than the Dejavoo Z1 device. The Z1 card reader runs on any Wi-Fi or hotspot, it does not need to be configured on your network! We understand many of your sales may occur away from the winery and now VinNOW users can utilize the Dejavoo Z1 device to easily accept payments in a tasting room, vineyard or at events - in a way that’s fully integrated within your VinNOW software.

Support Recurring Wine Club Payments 

Card on file technologies allow you to store cards on file in a secure environment so you can safely process recurring wine club payments.

Gain Transparent Reports

Transparent reports breakdown every transaction so you know what was charged and when.

Protect Transactions with Superior Security

Each transaction is protected by PCI-validated security technologies allowing you skip network scans and qualify for the shortest Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) available.